Your Guide to Traditional Home Decor

Your Guide to Traditional Home Decor

When people talk about traditional home decor, they aren’t just referring to pieces with a classic look. In the world of decor, the word traditional actually refers to something specific. Pieces that are classified as traditional typically come from the neoclassical or Georgian period in history.

Your Guide to Traditional Home Decor

Living room in a traditional home with white carpetingWith that said, homes that use traditional decor aren’t filled with vintage pieces exclusively. Many homeowners combine polished historical pieces with furnishings from other periods in history. Replicas of traditional pieces are also quite popular.

Georgian Decor

The Georgian era refers to a specific period in British history. This era took place during the reigns of Hanoverian kings who were all named George. The era lasted from 1714 to 1830. Hallmarks of the Georgian style include wood furnishings, a cohesive blend of styles, and a more elegant look overall. A Georgian room may look like it would be right at home in a palace.

Neoclassical Decor

Neoclassical has its roots in both Greek and Roman decor. This style is strongly inspired by the discoveries these countries made during the 18th century. While this style comes from Greece and Rome, it was actually popularized by a Scottish architect named Robert Adam.

Unlike Georgian decor, which tends to be ornate, Neoclassical pieces are fairly simple. A lot of pieces that fall under the Neoclassical umbrella are geometrical. It’s common to see light colors used in Neoclassical design, include yellows, whites, and pale blues. The fabrics that were used during this period were very luxurious. Silk was very popular, as was brocade. The wool decor is also a hallmark of the Neoclassical style.

Giving Your Home A More Traditional Look

If you want to decorate your home in the traditional style, you’re going to have to do a bit of planning. As mentioned above, traditional design elements are very cohesive. You won’t be able to mix and match pieces from different eras; everything in your room should follow the same design principles.

Look at pictures of traditionally-decorated homes. From there, you should map out what your home should look like. You may want to work with an interior decorator. They will help you to find pieces that are right for the room in question.

How To Get Traditional Design On A Budget

If you love the look of the traditional design but have a very limited decorating budget, you still have plenty of options. It isn’t necessary for you to fill your home with expensive pieces. Instead, purchase one or two statement pieces. The rest of your decor can highlight those pieces. If you’re hoping to score traditional home furnishings for less, you may want to stop by some estate sales. Estate sales often sell traditional home furnishings at a deeply discounted price.

Traditional home decor has withstood the test of time. If you use traditional principles when decorating your home, you won’t have to worry about it going out of style. The classic look of this decor will endure for decades or more.

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