White Marble Kitchen Ideas for the Use of Marble

White Marble Kitchen Ideas for the Use of Marble

If you must choose new countertops for your kitchen, you have a variety of material options to choose from. Some opt for marble because there is no other material that radiates so much luxury and sophistication. Its natural grain, wide range of colors and polished surface would totally change the look of any kitchen. We introduce you to now 75 dazzling marble kitchens and give a few tips and information regarding this luxurious material and its application in the kitchen.

White Marble Kitchen Ideas for the Use of Marble

The marble countertops offer a beautiful appearance, but some disadvantages that should necessarily be considered. Marble is a material that is durable, suitable for many applications, but it is softer than granite and not so scratchproof. Marble is also sensitive to acids including fruit juice, lemonade, and coffee. Marble is also sensitive to heat. At some countertops, you can take a hot pan from the oven and place it directly on the counter. This is not the case with marble countertops, because this can cause permanent discoloration. Marble is very porous so that it gets stains quickly if not immediately wipe a liquid.

If you are looking for an easy-care material for kitchen countertops, marble is not the best choice. When you install and then the marble requires regular impregnation, to obtain the necessary protection. The impregnation will close the pores of the marble, which reduces the ingress of dirt. Countertops require also usually a cleaning with gentle, developed specially for marble cleaners from real marble, because the harsh chemicals in the most traditional cleaning products may damage its surface.

Marble countertops are very popular with hobby bakers, because the rock is always cool, which makes it ideal for kneading and rolling dough. You don’t need, to use more marble in the entire kitchen to install, but it as a highlight. Look at the great examples below. No matter whether as a splash, as Koch Island front or a countertop only for the cooking Island, the marble can bring lots of beauty and variety in a pure white or wood kitchen.

If you can afford a kitchen made of genuine marble or you have not the time and nerves for the maintenance, then look for alternatives that mimic the natural appearance of the marble, but are much more durable. For example, wall tiles in marble look or plates made of artificial marble. Artificial marble is an industrial product that is made from the combination of crushed or ground marble and a polyester resin as a binder. The result is a solid piece of acrylic resin with a subtle grain and uniform coloring, reminiscent of real marble. Products made of artificial marble polished usually with a special gel for more gloss. Artificial marble is available in a range of colors so that it easily adaptable to any institution. In white Carrara marble it but especially appealing looks like!

Cast marble is more resistant to dirt, is easy to grow, very durable, and can be cleaned with the most common detergents. The material is however not scratch and heat resistant and can easily scratch or melt when it comes in contact with heat or sharp objects. To repair cultured marble, you can apply gel a layer, to give back its former glory and beautiful appearance.

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