How to Use Wool Carpet Dye
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How to Use Wool Carpet Dye

At some point when you own a home you’re going to redecorate to accommodate changing tastes. Typically you will be replacing worn-out items like wallpaper or old carpeting. Replacing carpet can be prohibitively expensive. It makes perfect sense to dye your carpet, instead of replacing it, especially if it is in good condition. If you have a wool carpet or a wool-polyester blend, you’re in luck.

How to Use Wool Carpet Dye

Wool absorbs dyes much easier than synthetic fibers. It will also be fairly colorfast once it’s dry. Carpet dye, unlike clothing dye and other consumer dyes, is extremely stable. It’s the same type of dye used in the manufacture of carpets. It’s not a quick process, it requires time, planning and patience, but can easily be accomplished in a weekend.

Tip: If you have a carpet remnant to test the color, use that otherwise choose an inconspicuous corner to start.

Tip: If your carpet is light, choose any color you like. However, for darker carpets, purchase a dye that matches the existing color. Unfortunately, you will only be able to brighten up the dark colors.

  • Remove everything from the room.
  • Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. If there is noticeable damage or stains, make the necessary repairs or spot cleaning and allow the carpet to dry completely. Especially look for greasy stains; this will prohibit the dye from taking hold well.
  • Protect all the woodwork with plastic sheeting secured with masking tape. Make sure that the plastic doesn’t cover any of the carpets.
  • Mix the wool carpet dye in a plastic tub according to package instructions. You may want to wear old clothes and long gloves to protect your hands from the dye.
  • Begin as far away from the door as possible, you will want to back out of the room.
  • Choose a corner that usually has a large piece of furniture if possible. By doing so you can hide the test color if you don’t like it.
  • Allow this spot to dry. If the spot is too dark or not dark enough, follow the manufacturer’s suggestion to alter the wool rug dye solution.
  • Once you have the desired shade, proceed with the sponge as in the test, until your entire carpet is dyed.
  • Allow 24 hours for the wool carpet to dry before putting the furniture back on it

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