How to Install Flush Up Toilets

How to Install Flush Up Toilets

One of the leading providers of the flush up toilet solution is the company called SANIFLO. They have developed the system called SANIPLUS which can be used to install a complete bathroom in your basement bathroom and it even goes as deep as 15 feet below the ordinary sewer line. On top of that, it can even be placed up to 150 feet away from the soil stack.

How to Install Flush Up Toilets

One of the great features of the SANIPLUS system is that it can handle all four fixtures. You can use it for a bathtub, the hand basin, a shower and of course the toilet and if that wasn’t all it is also environment-friendly with a small 6 liters flush.

To briefly explain what the macerating system is, it is comprised of the motor, which drives the steel macerator pump and blades and the pressure chamber, which makes the unit start and stops. The normal duration for an operating cycle is about 10-20 seconds. It can, however, vary a little based on the discharge pipe run configuration. Again the SANIPLUS system is environment-friendly with low overall power consumption.

Besides getting rid of the toilet waste the system will also get rid of the waste water from the hand basin, the shower, and even the bathtub. If you decide to have a bathtub installed you will need to construct a base using 2”x8”. Doing this will allow the P-trap installation and flow towards the pump unit because of gravity. Google

If you need help installing your basement toilet it is always best to go to a professional but if you like to do handyman work you will find a lot of tips online. One of the better places that are the site called HammerZone.

Bruce gives good and useful advice and you can ask almost any question you like. If you are not that firm with your hands you might just skip this step and go straight to hiring someone to help you out.

Both the Yellowpages and Craigslist are great places to start looking for a handyman in your area.

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