Go Retro With Vintage Home Decor

Go Retro With Vintage Home Decor

The vintage look is big right now and gives your home a unique style that you just can’t get when you buy mass-produced furniture. You also have more freedom when you decorate in a vintage style. You can mix and match furniture and buy pieces that speak to you. The vintage home decor gives you a comfortable look that is relaxing and inviting.

Go Retro With Vintage Home Decor

Black vintage rotary phone and books on rustic wooden table, on a white wall backgroundFinding vintage pieces, is easy. You can often find quality pieces in thrift stores, and antique stores always stock vintage pieces. Flea markets are a great place to pick up vintage items on the cheap, and you can even buy pieces that are a bit beat up and refinish them yourself in a vintage style. There are also plenty of reproduction pieces that you can buy that will allow you to get a specific look if you can’t find the original pieces that you want.

The vintage home has a romantic look with plenty of floral fabrics and accessories. Floral curtains are going to fit in well with vintage home and you will often see the floral fabric on the furniture. The vintage decor look is heavy on wood. You will find wood floors and wood furniture. You won’t see stainless steel or a lot of plastic in a vintage style home.

The walls should either have wallpaper with a pretty vintage print, or you should paint them in a pastel hue. Make sure to find some vintage prints and frame them in vintage frames. Vintage accessories like old books, ceramics, and glass will look great displayed in your home.

You don’t need to have every object in your home be vintage. You can still use some modern objects in your home. Mixing styles can actually make your home look more interesting because you don’t know what to expect.

The vintage look is a comfortable and familiar look. It is also a fun style to create. You have the freedom to show off your collectibles rather than hide them away like you would have to do with a modern home. Think about putting up open shelving in the kitchen to show off your kitchen collectibles. You can also put shelving up in your living and dining rooms to display your collections.

While you don’t want your home to look totally cluttered, there is nothing wrong with showing off what you have. As long as you don’t feel overwhelmed, you know that your look is working. Finding vintage collectibles for your home is a lot of fun because there are so many amazing things you can collect. It is okay to mix collectibles and accessories from different eras. You don’t have to stick with just one era.

Vintage home decor works in many different settings and if you keep your furniture arrangements open and don’t overload your home with accessories, you will create an inviting and comfortable look that you are going to love. Vintage home style is always popular and your home will look amazing.

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