Get the Coastal Look With Beach Home Decor

Get the Coastal Look With Beach Home Decor

A bright breezy coastal look brings the sea into your home and transforms it into a peaceful and relaxing place. Whites, blues, and beige work together to open up your space and give it the feel of the beach. You don’t have to line your walls with oars and giant fish to get the beach home decor look either. You can still get the beach look across without being too obvious.

Get the Coastal Look With Beach Home Decor

Grey home interior with nautical wall decor sofa carpet and white storage unitPaint your walls white when you are going for the coastal look. You want to lighten up space as much as possible and give it an airy look. Creating a light and airy space is the most important part of the beach style and it is where you need to begin. You don’t want a lot of clutter either. Space should never feel cluttered and you want to leave plenty of room around each piece of furniture.

Use the windows to your advantage and get rid of the heavy curtains. Leave your windows unadorned if possible. If you need the privacy use sheers or roller blinds that will completely retract when you don’t need them. If the rooms are small, you can make them look bigger with mirrors and lighting.

Wood or tile floors look best in a coastal home and you can even paint the floors white to really accentuate the light feel in the room. The fabrics that you use should be crisp and light. Linen is the perfect choice for a beach home and cotton and muslin work well also. Striped fabrics look crisp and clean and pastels will work as well. You can also use nautical print fabrics in moderation, but you don’t want to overload your home with them.

Bring the outside in with lots of plants. Have a few plants in every room. You should also use organic materials throughout your home like straw, seagrass, and jute rugs. Nautical details like rope, glass buoys, starfish, shells should be used in moderation. Glass vases in sea colors like blue and green will look pretty displayed in your home and metal bowls shaped like shells or coral will look beautiful on the dining table.

Hang marine wall art on the walls and you can use driftwood around the home as accent pieces. A weathered wood dining table is going to look amazing in your dining room and you can pair it with rattan chairs. Once you start adding accessories to space, keep monitoring them to make sure that you aren’t going overboard. You don’t want too many accessories because it is going to make space look too cluttered.

Beach home decor is going to bring up the look of your home and bring the sea vibe into your home. You will love the carefree feel of your home and feel the spirit of the beach whenever you enter your home. A beach is a relaxing place where you can enjoy being in nature and a beach home duplicates this feeling.

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