Funny Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

Funny Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

The amount of fun kitchen gadgets, which can be found on the website of Peleg design, is simply too great for some purposes. So it was mainly us, when we should decide which products we prefer or not present.

Funny Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

The amazement of people who follow the work of Peleg design over many years is even greater. Just then, if you look at says: No, they can be unable to think of anything else, and then is still a product on the market. Always new and new gadgets and products will surprise us with the variety that they offer. The collection of fun kitchen gadgets consists of so varied and original pieces, that gets them is a headache. But you can accommodate even if you want it, at home everything.

Can tell us a bit more of the Design Studio Shahar Peleg. It was named after the Israeli Chief Designer with the same name. It was founded in 2004. It has defined at that time the following main principles: functionality, aesthetics and humor. In 2008, the British designer Elodie Devries and Jaime Monfort have established the fire Doiy. You had as a guiding motto: “Design is funny”. They are also the authors of fixie pizza cutter. It is a blade, which looks like a small bike. Funny, we find also the caution and accuracy with which all the details are been presented! This is really unique. No wonder that you can cut out soon like to many different things!

Do you know these silicone fish? Yes, now already, or? Something unique, isn’t it? Have you already found out what a practical sense he has exactly? If not, then we explain everything you love. By this fish could away easily, the egg yolk protein? This would have to press then side only the egg in the belly of the fish good and this. Oh, Yes and this beautiful fish has a super great name. He calls himself York fish!

Also King Arthur was subordinate to the issue of”eggs”. See these great models. You get not only a convenient aid to calmly place the egg on the table. “The soldier” is also a spoon as a weapon to be more helpful. Where do you put actually the sponge after washing. Somehow never finds it the right place for such trifles, or? But with the fun kitchen gadgets Mr. sponge we have now also a great solution for this, right?

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