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Discount Tiffany Lamps

Thought to be included in the movement known as Art Nouveau, Tiffany lamps were a conduit through which the artistic beauty of Tiffany Studios could be made accessible to a larger, less wealthy audience. Already recognized for creating stunningly intricate windows, Louis C Tiffany was responsible for inventing and patenting favrile glass. Taken from the French word fabrile, favrile glass refers to a handmade product and describes a type of iridescent glass made when multiple colors of glass are combined when the glass remains hot. The unusual method produces vividly colored, shimmery, almost opalescent materials.

Discount Tiffany Lamps

Lampshades made in this manner begin as patterns rendered on heavy card stock, with colors labeled by number. Once the glass was placed on the pattern and tracing was done, it was carefully cut into the various pieces necessary to construct the pattern. Every section of glass was given a copper foil edge, and then the pieces were joined together to create a unified whole. The end result was soldered in order to add sturdiness and received polishing so as to enhance its appearance and shine.

Once the artisans of Tiffany grew more adept and skilled with their glass making, they expanded their work to include more intricate patterns. Designer Clara Driscoll’s appearance on the scene facilitated the design and execution of renowned patterns including wisteria and dragonfly. Detailed, unique floral motifs were executed in a stunning range of backdrops and color palettes. Beautiful design themes taken from nature could now be artistically reproduced by these talented glass makers.

Consumers now have access to floor lamps, discount Tiffany lamps, wall sconces and tabletop lighting in the contemporary range of Tiffany style lamps. These products feature borders and edging from straightforward, uncomplicated designs to intricate, detailed patterns. Though the main design theme may be of a basic or a detailed nature, every Tiffany product is certain to lend an air of aesthetic elegance to any room.

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