Bring Color to Your Walls With Wall Painting Techniques

Bring Color to Your Walls With Wall Painting Techniques

Wall paintings can make a lasting impression. Choosing the right paint color is undeniably very important, yet at the same time, its adequate application is much more significant. Walls can be painted in every creative way that you can think of. Vivid or subtle, any color that you choose can be applied with a spark of imagination. These painted walls not only make a striking statement but are also budget-friendly. Hereby, we shall be providing you with some effective wall painting tips to help you come up with wall designs that are intriguing, interesting and alluring.

Bring Color to Your Walls With Wall Painting Techniques



Stenciling is a wall painting technique that brings life to your walls with colors and patterns. Moreover, you don’t have to have extraordinary artistic skills to reach this effect. All you have to do is get a stencil. These stencils come in various sizes and designs, so you can buy any that you like. After getting a stencil, the next steps are pretty simple. Just paste the stencil on the wall and fill in the empty space with any color of your choice. Ultimately you will end up with a beautifully painted wall having a décor theme.


Frottage happens to be a very classical wall painting technique that will endow you with an organic, worn look. The process is simple. Take a piece of paper, apply colored glaze to it and press it to a wall which has been formerly prepared with a base coat. When you peel off the paper, your wall will be done with an attractively mottled appearance. Any paper works for this wall painting technique, including tissue paper and butcher paper, yet it’s better to avoid magazines and newspapers to prevent any ink transfer.


No other wall painting technique can beat sponging for its ease and effectiveness. Since it is very simple, so it happens to be perfect for beginners. Primarily you have to get a base coat done on your wall. Take a sponge, moisten it with the color of your choice and apply it on the wall. This will give a subtle texture to the wall. This wall painting technique can be as versatile and intricate as you want it to be.

To enhance the textured look, you can apply the glaze of another color on top of the former color. If you glaze the wall with the same color as that of the base coat, only some shades darker, then you end up with an added depth. Whereas, if you go for contrasting colors, you will end up with a bold and dramatic look. You can use this wall painting technique to camouflage damaged walls as well.


Ragging is a wall painting technique, which is somewhat similar to sponging. In this technique too, a glaze is applied to the wall, yet here the application medium is a rag instead of a sponge. Moreover, the glaze is all the more distinct because of the un-even folds of the rag. This wall painting technique can camouflage damaged walls and add character to them.

Choose any wall painting techniques to form these or perhaps a combination and enjoy walls that breathe life.

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