Brass Arc Floor Lamp for Your Home
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Brass Arc Floor Lamp for Your Home

Brass has a long history that can be traced back to antiquity. It is produced by combining copper and zinc and it is similar to bronze in the sense that bronze also uses copper as its base metal. Bronze is usually a combination of other materials like arsenic, phosphorus, and aluminum and copper whereas brass only contains the two mentioned metals.Brass Arc Floor Lamp for Your Home

Since ancient times there has been a variety of uses for brass. Because of its attractive color that in some ways resembles that of gold it has been used extensively as a material for minting coins. Today it is mostly used in the industry for fittings that do not generate sparks since brass is a soft metal and most of us are familiar with its use as musical instruments.

Another use for brass that is quite extensive but one that we may not be familiar with is for lamps. A large arc floor lamp made out brass has an elegant appearance that can hardly be equaled by other types of metal finish. A brass arc floor lamp can give you a unique way of lighting up the interior of your home. The way that it can focus the light on some objects and the way that it changes the ambiance of the room is really unique to it due to the way that its body curves downwards to the floor.

If you want to make a statement with the lighting of your home then a brass arc floor lamp is a must-have for you. Since brass is a versatile metal there are different types of finishes available for you to choose from. Elevate your home to a different level with the use of a brass arc floor lamp. It can take the appearance of the interior of your house to new heights that can never be achieved by other forms of lighting.

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