Basement Toilet Installation

Basement Toilet Installation

By remodeling baths, in particular, you could raise the resale value of a property and improve cost recouped to well over 100%, says Remodeling Magazine. That is especially true if you plan to sell the property within the year, as such renovation would guarantee a high resale value with the recouped cost even at 120%.

Basement Toilet Installation

So tear down those heavily stained tubs and replace it with a new tub. Install a superior pressured balanced single lever shower (earlier models are far inferior from today’s design). How about installing that new vanity you found to be gorgeously complimentary to the overall bath environment? While most common high-end vanities are the double sink, it isn’t generally required for upscale purposes. Those cabinets, lighting fixtures, and windows may need alteration too. For the bath remodeling cost, check further for more data.

Cost Versus Value

Cost vs. value is a discerning issue in remodeling with intentions of resale after. Shrewd remodeling options could at least offset costs made in weaker areas, such as replacement of windows or tiles and severely weaker areas like basement and sunrooms,

A Cost versus Value example by Remodeling Magazine

Bath Remodeling Cost at $9,044 with a resale value of $10,082
Updates: new tub installation, new toilet installation, added vanity, added medicine cabinet, improve lighting and replaced tiles. The cost recouped is 111%.

Bath Remodeling Cost including additional bathroom now at $13,779 with a resale value of $16,820. The cost recouped is 122%.

As obviously illustrated, a minor addition to the first entry and the closing value rises 10%, already a substantial factor in terms of recouping losses. Remember, this is only the bath remodeling.

Remodeling always involves the ability to sniff which areas are value hot spots, or remodeling payoff areas. While remodeling other areas are required, some remodeling you can do are for purely cosmetic reasons yet they add significantly to overall value, which also leads to a higher cost recoup. Do you know where those remodeling payoff areas are? They are the kitchen area, bedroom, and bathroom areas.

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