Add a Touch of Warmth and Style to Your Fireplaces With Entrancing Fire Place Decorations

Add a Touch of Warmth and Style to Your Fireplaces With Entrancing Fire Place Decorations

Fireplaces tend to be the focal point of any room, and the responsibility lies upon your shoulder to adorn this focal point in such a manner that it not only bestows dignity to your room but also captivates the attention of each eye. There are numerous ways to decorate your fireplaces. All you have to do is open up to the various possibilities present. You might be wondering what these possibilities are.

Add a Touch of Warmth and Style to Your Fireplaces With Entrancing Fire Place Decorations

Family photographs, pieces of art and your favorite collections, all play a part in enhancing the natural beauty of your fireplace and giving it a touch of your personality and style. Your fireplace decorations complement your overall home décor, yet the placement of these decorations also has a vital role to play in this regard. We will provide you with some helpful tips to choose and place your fireplace decorations so that your fireplace makes a striking statement.

Make sure that there is some connection between all your decorations

Cohesiveness in your decorative scheme always helps in making your fireplace stand out. You can either choose to place your favorite collections, pottery, sculptures, framed photographs, books, vases, candles or whatever that might please you; but choosing the same color palette might do wonders. Select your favorite color or hue and watch it as it accentuates your fireplace and brings it to life. Instead of a color palette, you can also opt for a consistent theme. It all depends upon your personal inclining.

Layering of Objects

It is important that you create visual interest to captivate the onlooker’s attention. When you place objects of different shapes and sizes on your fireplace mantelpiece, make sure that you layer them in such a manner that they look appealing. Layer them in different heights and sizes, leaving breathing room in between the objects. When we talk of layering, then there are two popular methods which we ought to take into consideration; symmetrical and asymmetrical respectively.

The symmetrical arrangement is the easiest and popular one. It consummates into a classical appearance. This arrangement doesn’t imply that the objects have to be identical. Rather they merely have to be related. The contrary approach is an asymmetrical one. In this kind of arrangement, various objects of different shapes and sizes are harmonized together. This arrangement bestows a modern touch to your fireplace.

Considering the hearth and the firebox

Fireplace decorations are not merely confined to the mantel and above, rather hearth and firebox should also be considered in this context. When you are not using your fireplace, and then stack it with white, fresh birch logs to give your room a traditional, classic appearance. Generally, fireplace screens and tools constitute the common fireplace hearth decorations. These items play a dual role. They are utilitarian as well as decorative. Fireplace screens are customized to reflect your styles and suit your whims. Other odd items such as a basket of logs or a potted plant or any sculpture can further embellish your fireplace and make a striking statement.

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