Shower Curtain Fabric – Rich New Look for your Bathroom

If you don’t have glass door tub or shower enclosures, the shower curtain would be the most prominent feature in your bathroom.

Of course, when you a buy a shower curtain, you consider your existing bathroom décor and it would be the first thing you would buy before buying any matching accessories like towels or rugs.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to look first at the options available to you when shopping for the shower curtain.

Choosing between the two types of shower curtain – vinyl or fabric, is really a matter of preference but you must consider the benefits of the fabric shower curtain.

Vinyl shower curtains are cheaper than fabric, and are quite practical and easy to clean. However, fabric shower curtains lend a more comfortable yet formal feel to a bathroom.

Shower Curtain Fabric

New Breakup Decor Shower Curtain from Andover

Fabric shower curtains are always recommended to hang with a curtain liner in order to protect the fabric from the water splashes. It likewise protects your floors from misdirected water.

It is also recommended to use a traverse or double rod to go with it as this allows the shower curtain to remain fixed while the curtain liner has separate hooks to slide shut and open.

It is by far more convenient than putting both fabric shower curtain and the curtain liner on one set of hooks. Although some still use it if they only have a single rod fitted. Curtain liners are bought separately unless the fabric shower curtain you had purchased already includes one.

Shower Curtain Fabric

Cafe de Paris Fabric shower curtain from Bed Bath and

Another major factor to consider when you buy a fabric shower curtain is its durability for wash and wear. Choose a fabric that would hold up well in frequent use. Also, since mold and mildew could grow anywhere in the bathroom because of excessive moisture, you best choose a fabric shower curtain that is machine washable. Washing details are normally included on the package label.

If your bathroom is old and tired, updating it with a fabric shower curtain gives it an entirely new look. There is an abundance of options out in the market, with different styles from traditional to the contemporary, different themes, and colors. All you need to do is make time and effort to pick out one or two at least twice a year so that your bathroom is given a lift regularly.

What’s Available Where

Here are some designs that you will find most appealing and perhaps could give you ideas on what would suit you best.

Andover Direct, a strictly online company, offers a wide array of products at competitively low prices. They are able to do this as they have minimal overhead, and therefore pass on their savings to its customers.

Shower Curtain Fabric

Kashmir Multi-Color Shower Curtain from

Now on sale at their website is the New Breakup décor collection with its shower curtain set, which includes 1-72 sq. in. panel fabric shower curtain with a camouflage pattern, and 1 plastic shower curtain liner, at $37.99 only., another online retailer company, has the Kashmir Multi-Color shower curtain to offer at only $22.99. It is made of 58% nylon and 42% polyester, measures 72 sq. in. and is machine washable.

The Café de Paris fabric shower curtain is currently available on clearance sale at time of this writing at the Bed Bath and Beyond online at $19.99 only.

The ambience of old world Paris is a great way of giving your bathroom a lift! It measures 70 in. wide by 72 in. long, made of 100% polyester, and machine washable. Check out the item as it may get sold out soon!

So go out and shop now and get your bathroom a new look with the latest fabric shower curtain styles and designs.

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