Panasonic Bathroom Fans – Clean and Quiet

The bathroom, being the busiest room in the house, is the only room in the house that gets most traffic day in and day out. If we do not take care of our bathrooms properly, it may become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

We may not be aware of it but mold and mildew may already be at work in our bathrooms. They can do very serious structural damage if we do leave our walls unchecked. All that mold needs to live is anything organic and moist. This can be abound in a highly moist bathroom.

Check your cabinets for surface buckling and rust, and your wood finishes, you will need to protect your investment by venting moist air. Not only that, your tiling especially at the shower area, and around the tub. These areas need to be always cleaned and dried as much as possible after each use. These are the places where mold and mildew breed. Look at your grout; they have darkened for sure from many years of use. Moldy spots will mean contamination spreads quite quickly.

If you’ve got proper ventilation in your bathroom, all of these will be prevented and you will have a safer bathroom to use.

Panasonic Bathroom Fans

Panasonic WhisperFit-Lite Low Profile Bathroom Fan with Lights FV-11VFL2

Panasonic bathroom fans are considered by many, if not most, homeowners to be the most highly effective, and energy efficient, bath fans in the market. Panasonic has a wide range of bathroom exhaust fans that are quiet in its operation, with the lowest 0.3 sones rated.

They can recommend which bathroom fan would be most suitable for your bathroom based on its size. Therefore you are guaranteed that your bathroom fan will have the proper CFM rating designed for a size bathroom such as yours.

The Panasonic Whisper Fans

The Whisper models are the most popular of Panasonic fans. They are designed with special equipment that keeps the operation as quiet as possible. There are many previously manufactured bathroom fans that were so loud you cannot take but make a very quick shower or bath.

The Panasonic Whisper fans are so efficient in removing odors and moisture from your bathroom without the noise. It is also designed with a galvanized steel body, a rust proof pain, a built in back draft damper and a thermal fuse protector.

The Panasonic Passive Fans

The smallest models that Panasonic has to offer are its passive fans and vents. To make it durable and sturdy, they are designed with stainless steel and ABS and PP resin body. With two position air delivery system, it helps balance the indoor air when it is affected by any outdoor air pressure.

Panasonic Bathroom Fans

Panasonic WhisperFit Low Profile Bathroom Fan FV-08VF2

It features easy wall-mounting and a lever for easy open and shut operation. To fight off noise and condensation from the outside, it is fitted with proper insulation lining and foam pad. It also has a built-in washable filter, and a bug screen.

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