Granite Countertop Colors – How to Choose

The key factor in the design of any kitchen is the countertop color. Here are some of the points that you need to remember when selecting the color.

  1. Choose a granite warehouse to go to that has a large selection. You want to ensure that you can see all the colors available on full slabs and not just a few pieces of samples stuck on a board.
  2. When you go visit this granite warehouse, bring a sample of your cabinet door that you already have existing in your kitchen. Match it up with the granite as you find ones that you like as you will quickly see if they look good together or not.
  3. If you are building a new kitchen, you need to choose the granite countertop color FIRST before choosing flooring color. If you’re working on doing a remodel, with an existing floor, bring a sample of the flooring to make sure that the granite would go well with the floor and they complement each other.
  4. Granite Countertop Colors

  5. When you have made your color selection, you need to make sure that you actually love it because if you settle only for something that looks great but not really like, then it wouldn’t bode well. The color of the countertop is going to be a distinctive quality of your kitchen, and therefore you need to find it as highly appealing as possible and you’d be happy to live with it.
  6. Once you have made your final selection on the granite, ask the warehouse to pull out 5-6 slabs so you can view them. Make sure that it is the color you have picked out that they are the right color. As granite has various patterns and veins, there could be spots here and there that you may not like. You could ask the warehouse to exclude this when they start cutting your kitchen. You could also arrange for another visit when they had measured your kitchen so can see what they are cutting and how it affects the pattern or color.
  7. Having a granite countertop is one of the greatest investments you will make for your home so make sure that you have finally selected your color and only make informed decisions.

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Granite Countertop Colors

More Tips

Apart from being the hardest stone on earth, granite comes in different colors and shades. Mostly, it comes in different shades and hues of white, blacks, greens, and blues, and many variations of greens.

Using eco-friendly materials would be a great choice, like the natural stone granite. And for most natural stones, it is the arrangement of the veins that makes them unique and look absolutely and strikingly impressive.

There will be variations and it can be difficult to choose the right color. Most popular are the blue and the black granite, and because of this high demand the price likewise is higher than the rest.

Brown and beige can help you create variations as they look great combined with other colors. If you have dark wood for your cabinets, then a lighter shade granite would be best for the countertop.
Granite Countertop Colors
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