Glass Bathroom Tiles – Reflections of Your Space

A gem and a sanctuary.

That is the bathroom for many of us. It is our space where we can create our own ideas, and develop them and claim it as well. To express yourself, glass is the material for it. For the shower walls or floor, for the entire bathroom wall – the choice is yours. It is your space.

Glass tile creates reflections. It brightens up even an otherwise dark room. You can create a work of art in this functional tile that is strong and durable. It can give your room a whole new dynamic look, creating that artistic and inspiring ambience. All this, in your bathroom.

With the widest range in colors and textures, you could make your bathroom vanity shine with a wall and backsplash with a good combination of colors.

Glass Bathroom TilesAs shown here, marble and glass tile combination was used. The metallic etched pharaoh’s gold blend, a beautiful mosaic made from polished natural marble and peach glass and coppy glass in a wavy finish. All 1/2-inch x 1/2-inch tiles arranged on a mesh back. Sold by sheets of 12” square. Glass Tile Store has this and many others like this in stock, at $15.95 per square foot. You may order a sample of ¼ sheet sizes for $1 only and free shipping.

Glass Bathroom TilesIt can also be applied as borders like the one shown here by Interstyle Ceramic & Glass, a distributor and manufacturer of decorative tiles based in Canada since 1977. Today they are the leader in developing original high quality glass and ceramic tiles. All their glass tiles are made from recycled glass.

Glass Bathroom TilesYou may go beyond the ordinary and make your bathroom flooring shine and stand out with these bath floor glass tiles which are transparent and multi-colored. Made by the Italian tile company Vetrocolor, the glass tiles as shown here are designed mainly for bathroom floors. Tinted glass tiles of various colors as well as clear glass tiles in different sizes and shapes.

Glass Bathroom TilesThe metallic ones are from the Transparenze collection. They appear to glow making the surface very shiny. The multi-color tiles are from the Preziosi collection. These attractive tiles and more of other fantastic tiles like it you may view at their official website

Glass Bathroom TilesAnother idea is creating a glass tile mural on the wall, with an image that you choose. As shown here is a sample of a glass mural that is the focus of this room. Perfect for a guest bathroom where it can be the focal point of guests conversation visiting in your house. Murals are customized and you can have any image done.

Hakatai’s experienced team of designers can turn any image drawn into a mosaic mural. Check out the gallery of stuff that they had already done on their website. Price quotes are normally provided with a sketch of mural for approval of client. Vintage Mural does glass tile murals on different applications. You can have your preferred image customized, but they also have different prints available online. They also ship worldwide.

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