Finished Basement Pictures – Ideas for your Basement

Traditionally, when we think of increasing the square footage of our home, it would be too large a job that we fall short of our plans.

Many major factors stop us from getting ahead – the length of time the work will consume, breaking ground and pouring new foundation, and the expense of funding it which most times go up the high end.

So most times, we just set aside the project until another time comes and we talk about it again and see whether it’s doable the next time.

However, with the new innovative systems that major contractors use now, all these concerns are addressed and gives us the opportunity to get on with our project.

New technologies offer a renovation that may be completed in just two weeks; you will not have anything to worry about regulating the humidity and cold as insulation is installed and is an integral part of the renovation.

The use of PVC materials as against wood or drywall has advantages as PVC do not get scratches or dents as much these other two materials can take; installation of prefabricated panels are less messy than other materials.

All these at a much lesser expense scale especially because installation takes less time.

Therefore, since the plan is about to be taken back on board again, let’s look at some of the good finished basement pictures we can find online, with the various ideas of what you can actually do with your basement – apart from just a storage room.

Design Ideas

Making it a functional level than “just storage” takes the value of your home a notch higher, especially when you re-sell. Finishing a basement therefore is about increasing the functionality of your living space.

There is a multitude of possibilities in creating your dream room into that big space called your basement. Here are some finished basement pictures to fire up your imagination.

Finished Basement Pictures
Family Lounge and Entertainment Area
This is a room where you and your family can hang out after a day’s work. After dinner, you can come together in this room and just chill out. It is also where your kids can invite their friends and chill out too.

Finished Basement Pictures
The Home Theater
If you are into movies, this is a great room to watch your favorite films with your friends. As an option to using relaxing couches and sofas, are theater seats that recline, and can accommodate up to ten people.

Finished Basement Pictures
Combination Bar, Gaming Room, and Home Theater
This is where you can have parties, a time that you can prepare lots of activities for your guests that can happen all at the same time.

Finished Basement Pictures
The Bar
This is one look that you can use for a bar; add a mini refrigerator, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, and a sink. You can serve all the best drinks around.

Finished Basement Pictures
The Gym
Now you wont have any excuse that you are not getting any exercise. A small gym that can hold a few pieces of basic exercise machines that can fit in the space. Of course, the gym will lead to a bathroom where you can shower and cool off after the exercise.

Finished Basement Pictures
A Mini Home Office
You can work on your finances and businesses down here in the quiet of your office. With no one to bother you.

Finished Basement Pictures
A Wine Cellar
A part of your basement can be made into a wine cellar where you can keep all your wines to age.

Here is a website that features more photos that you can look at: Mosby Building Arts

These are just a few ideas that you can play with. When you have made a final selection, put it onto the drawing board, and finalize the details. Make sure that you plan it carefully especially your budget as you wouldn’t want to go over.

Have fun planning your basement!

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