Finished Basement Designs – Explore the Possibilities

The perfectly done basement remodeling project is something that each homeowner dreams of as it provides added functional space in your home that may be used for so many things such as entertaining guests, an exercise room, a family room, or even a home theater.

Generally, basements must have more lights than upper level rooms. You could maximize lighting with the use of both artificial and natural luminescence. A French door that leads to the basement may well be a major source of natural light and a direct access to the outdoors; as well as large windows, and an open floor plan.

Maximize window areas for emergency escape. As building codes require that every room in the house has two exit ways, the window must then be used for such purpose, other than the door.

Use light colors for walls and ceilings, or put up mirrors all round as this not only maximizes space, it gives off reflections that make the room brighter.

Finished Basement Designs

Bar, Gaming and Home Theater

Warm basement

It is also important that the basement must be comfortably warm, and since it is surrounded by earth, it can be cooler than the upper levels of the house especially during the winter. Therefore, it may not be a bad idea to install another heat source like a fireplace or a wood burning stove, or even heated floors.

Keep in mind when installing your preferred flooring, that water would most likely seek the lowest point of the house, which is the basement. Carpet may be used if you prefer but of course it is recommended to use alternative water resistant flooring like vinyl tiles, area rugs, or indoor / outdoor carpeting to avoid potential water damage in case of floods.

Finished Basement Designs

Home gym

If plumbing must be relocated, as well as air ducts, do so along beams or walls, and leave the ceilings higher at the center of the room.

If your basement has many posts and columns, try to design around them and hide them when possible.

Bright colors

We also suggest a bright color scheme for your basement. Generally a dark room, it would be a good idea to bring in a lot of color and character using bright colored accents like artwork, pillows, accessories, and rugs in the shades of yellow, red, orange, green or blue.

Finished Basement Designs

Wine Cellar

There really are so many ways you can use your basement space and it is a wonder why not many homes are built with them. There’s many of us who buy property thinking that it meets our needs but not realizing that many things would change over the years.

Most people will find that their current home may have become too small for them due to additions of new family members, or building a business from home, or even just acquiring equipment for a hobby. If you didn’t have a basement, most likely you would be moving to a bigger home.

However, if you do have a basement, don’t be scared to explore the many possibilities that you can do with it. We show you here some samples of what finished basement designs are open to you. It is certainly a lot more exciting to do a basement remodel than moving house.

Finished Basement Designs

Audio Video Room

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