Comforter Sets on Sale – Saving Your Pockets

Comforters are one of the most sought after bed ensembles. These thermal bed buddies can keep you warm and fuzzy with their air pockets that absorbs warm air very easily without making it too hot inside. Add other textures to it like faux fur or other velvety goodness, then it is all sweet dreams for you in fluffy heaven.

But here is the catch: they are not the cheapest in the world. The great comforter does get every penny spent worth it, but the most basic of comforters can reach $125.99 as suggested list price. King size, queen size, loft downs, you name it, these comforters are good but they are a bit expensive. But fret not, there are ways to get them for less, and that includes the good old fashion way: sales.

In this article, we will help you get some sales on your favorite comforter set, and thankfully, with the advent of technology, most of them are online.

Luxury Spreads

comforter sets on saleLuxury Spreads is a company striving to provide an “elite line of high quality” comforters and comforter sets for less than what they truly costs. Just visit their home page and discounts already surprise you, reaching up to 20% in the first deal.

Their design staff has created orignal brilliant designer-quality bed attire with great details like deep-pocket sheets that could fit a variety of mattress sizes. In addition, you also get window coverings and accented pillows for a themed look.

Visit their site at

AJ Moss

AJ Moss is a great place for comforter sets, with very detailed pieces that accentuates each other. They also have different themes for different personalities, from floral, luxury, and country to toile, tropical, and even Victorian. They also have a very organized system, arranging their comforters and beddings by style, brand, size, color, and the item itself. For sure, there is a design in their collections that could pass for everyone’s standards.

What is more, they offer 20 to 50% off on some of their items, and even big sales every now and then with free shipping to add to the pot.

Learn more about them at

King Linen

comforter sets on sale

This company has great pieces up their sleeves, with a wide array of comforter designs and styles. Most have a tremendously detailed design while others are minimalist in approach.

What is good about them is that they offer about 60 to 80% discount on certain items and even give out free shipping to transactions exceeding $49.

In addition, as you visit their site, for sure you will be able to spot other things that might go with your comforter set, including accent furniture, lamps, slipcovers, and mattress pads.

So go ahead and drown yourself with their collection.

Go to for more information.

Baby Bedding Zone

Do not let the name fool you, this company has equally competitive designs that has the same amount of detail and aesthetic as the others.

They offer 25 to 50% discount on selected items, with stocks reaching to 105 with the discounted ones. As you go along, you’ll notice their collection has a lot of variety and you are bound to find something for your kid.

Know more at

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