Bathtub Seats – Safe and Stable

When we need to shop for a bathtub seat for ourselves or for a loved one, the most important thing we look for is safety. A bathtub seat must be able to support your weight, and slip resistant. One that offers back support would be a bonus. The seat should have proper drainage holes and its legs adjustable.

A transfer bath seat would be useful for those who need to be transferred from a wheelchair to the tub. When not in use, it can be folded up and stored. For a child, there are also portable bathtub seats available and are many to choose from.

One may take some getting used to when first starting to use a bathtub seat. So the adjustable legs may ease the transition. You need to be ensured as well that your weight will be supported by the seat so you will need to check the weight capacity before you purchase.

Back support may be necessary to some; there are those with wide backs which are preferable. Anti-slip properties must be checked. There should be like suction cups perhaps that will help keep the seat in place on the tub. The holes or slats on seat must offer good drainage but must be comfortable as well to sit on.

Bathtub Seats

Care Guard Tool-less Shower Chair with Back Support

A transfer bath seat as mentioned is for those that are wheelchair bound. This needs proper installation and must be secured to the walls that surround the tub. When not in use, this seat can be stored away so this may be more practical in the long run than just a portable bathtub seat.

For children, a bathtub seat can make bathing easier. There are colorful child bathtub seats and are safe to use. Some models come with bath accessories and toys that can keep babies occupied as you bathe them. These should be lightweight and easy to assemble. Look for one where no tools are required.

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Where to buy

Nextag is one of the best sites online that can provide you with many choices of products and sellers where you can compare prices, and sellers’ shipping and returns policies. For bathtub seats, they offer a wide range of prices from as low as $20 to as high as $6500. Here are some of the products you may want to consider:

Bathtub Seats

Bath Bench by Medline

Made by Invacare and sold by Southwest Medical, the Care Guard Tool-less Shower chair with back support is priced at $35. It requires no tools to put together, has deep wide textured seating with drainage holes, aluminum legs that has snap buttons to adjust height levels from 16-1/8 inches to 22 inches, and wide based crutch tips for stability. Weight capacity is up to 315 lbs. Shipping varies depending on location and contents of order.

One that has no back support is offered by Medline, the Bath Bench. It is durable and its aluminum frames are corrosion resistant and lightweight. It has a comfortable curved seat design made of high density polyethylene, aluminum frames that are durable, corrosion resistant, and has got non-slip tips for extra stability and safety. It sells for as low as $23.50 up to $60 from 12 various sellers according to Nextag. But the best value is by where the seller has been highly rated by customers, with the lowest price possible. They sell the Bath Bench at $30.

Bathtub Seats

McKesson SunMark Bathtub Transfer Bench

Medex Supply in turn has the Bathtub Transfer Bench by McKesson SunMark, which has a reversible backrest that increases convenience and safety getting over the bathtub, and while bathing. Reversible backrest fits bathtub with either right- or left-side faucets. It has a wide base that distributes weight over a large area. Height is adjustable from 16 inches up to 20 inches. Rubber tips on two of the four legs for a better grip and stability. It needs proper ssembly. Weight capacity is up to 350 lbs. Tagged at $77.

Whatever you decide to choose, the most important thing to remember is safety and stability.

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