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There are all sorts of stools used in the bathroom – there is the vanity stool that normally comes with the vanity desk. There is also the step stool that helps us get into and out of the bathtub. And then there’s the shower and bath stool; it makes bathing quite easier especially for those with limited mobility.

For the purposes of this article, we feature here the many options on shower and bath stools that is available in the market.

The bathtub stool makes bathing easier especially for those with limited mobility. There are various options of the tub stool. Like the Medline Bath Bench without back support, gray colored. Its easy to put together, has a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. Its got aluminum legs with suction cup feet for stability. Colored gray purposely so that it can be seen against a white tub. It sells currently at $23.50 apiece and sold by Eva Medical Groups LLC via

Bathroom Stools

Medline Bath Bench No-Back

At, they also have a wide array of collection of bath and shower stools. One of them is the Drive Medical Deluxe Bath Bench with back support. Priced at $55. Available in white, blue, teal and yellow, this bath bench has an easy snap together assembly, and a seat that is blow molded that is both strong and comfortable. Has a weight capacity of 350 lbs.
Bathroom Stools

Deluxe Bath Bench with Back

Another tub stool type is one such as the Invacare Transfer Bench. The seat is ergonomically shaped, with the backrest reversible that can be assembled without any tools required. It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. The Invacare Transfer Bench helps getting in and out of the tub easier and safer. Sold by Medical For You through as well at the sale price of $59.98.
Bathroom Stools

Invacare Transfer Bench

From Brookstone, there is the Corner Bath Stool. A teak shower stool that takes up very little space in the shower. It has a vented seat so that soap and water does not build up. An added feature is the storage basket for shampoos, soaps, and other bath stuff. Priced at $200 at Brookstone online.
Bathroom Stools

Brookestone Teak Bath Stool has to offer also a teak bath stool that is water resistant. Imported from Indonesia, it is made from teak wood, with a hand-sanded seat and to last a long time, was rubbed with an oil finish.
It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Priced at $149.
Bathroom Stools

Teak Bath Stool by

Also available are swivel seats like the Rotating Round Shower Stool by Maddak Inc. It has a swivel seat that rotates 360° both ways that provides freedom of movement in the shower. It is a no-tools assembly, that’s quite easy to put together. Has a non-slip feet for stability, and can carry weight up to 300 lbs. Sold by OJ Medical at $58.95.
Bathroom Stools

Rotating Round Shower Stool by Maddak Inc.

From the UK, the Home Shopping Selections, have the household and bathroom stool, offers quality seating comfort with storage underneath the seat. Priced at £79.95 with shipping charges from 6-10 depending destination location. Home Shopping Selections deliver within the whole of UK and all destinations within the EU.
Bathroom Stools

Bathroom Stool by Home Shopping Selections UK

With all the many options available online, you will find that all are made with security and safety in the bathroom in mind.

Makes our lives easier.

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