Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas – Creating your Dream Sanctuary

As we plan for our bathroom remodel, we list down all the things that we need to consider to complete our project. Tiling is given top priority most times; a change in bathtub or shower fixtures possibly; adding new bathroom vanity sink and cabinet perhaps; and of course, matching all the bath accessories that we need based on changes that we are going to make.

If we want to change the entire look of the old bathroom, we need to look at all the options carefully before we make any decisions.

The tile design that we settle with should be something that we will be happy to live with for many years. It is the key factor that will make or break your own bathroom as this is the room’s centerpiece, and the first thing people see as they enter your bathroom.

Get creative. Important thing is to be conscious of colors. Using contrasting colors and different shapes, mixing and matching these elements would be a good exercise, and we should not make hasty decisions. Study all the patterns you can use, the types of tiles available – not just ceramics. There are stones, glass, metal, even hardwood.
Bathroom Shower Tiles Ideas
It can be as simple as choosing warm colors in its various monochrome shades. If on the budget, this is doable with ceramic tiles which come in a wide range of colors. There are many choices of natural stones in warm shades, matched with a heated flooring system. You will never want to get out of your warm bathroom.

You can go elaborate by using mosaics, which can be done with ceramics too. But if you want to design with style, use the glass tile. Very elegant and shiny, it reflects light all ways therefore your bathroom will sparkle.
Bathroom Shower Tiles Ideas
It would be best if you create your design on paper first – make a plan so that it would be easy enough for you to go shopping for items you will need to complete your project. Canvass prices and compare products.

Should you have a smaller budget than you first set out to have, then you can shop for products that have similar features but at lower price ranges. As mentioned earlier, ceramics cost much less than most tiles. You can create a design that is truly yours using ceramics in mind, playing with the colors available. You can even do the tiling yourself as this is labor intensive, hiring a tiling professional could be expensive.
Bathroom Shower Tiles Ideas
Here’s a link to a do-it-yourself video that you can watch on Shower Tiling, and a step-by-step account on how to install tile in a bathroom shower.

Another cost cutting solution would be not to tile the entire shower area. You can just paint in the same color palette the upper portion of your walls, as this area anyway will not be as wet as the lower half.

The important thing is that the final design reflects your own personality and preferences that you will be happy to live with for many years to come.

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