Bathroom Furniture Vanities – Top Choices

Whether you are building a new bathroom, or planning to remodel your existing one, it is highly likely that you intend to include a vanity as one of the furniture for the bathroom.

It is the most important piece of furniture that a bathroom can have – it holds the essential sink, and provides storage space as well that will keep bathroom supplies in good order.

However, there are many types of bathroom furniture vanities that are available in the market and you cannot just pick one from a catalogue in a rush.

In this early planning stage, you must first of all consider the space you have in your bathroom. Measure the available space where you intend to place the vanity unit.

First consideration is the plumbing fixture. If you are remodeling your bathroom, it is recommended that you work around the existing plumbing fixture so that you will not have to move any of that which would entail higher labor cost.

However, if you are building a new bathroom, then that would be immaterial. You can place it anywhere you want, and that’s where the new plumbing will be fitted.

Keep the measurements with you all the time so that when you are shopping for your bathroom furniture vanity, you will have a reference as to the size that you will look for. Will you need a single vanity unit, or a double vanity unit? Is this for the master’s bedroom, a child’s room, a guest room or a powder room?

As far as types of wood and finishes, there are many options you can choose from. Deep oak and cherry oak are the most popular choices, but there still are other materials that you may explore.

All these considerations you need to know before you even look around shopping for the perfect vanity unit. Planning will reduce your time in looking for what you need exactly as it filters the choices down to what you require.

Online shopping

Bathroom Furniture Vanities

Reflections Bath Vanity from

You will want to browse online to checkout what is available. There are loads of retailers that offer bathroom furniture vanities and you could look at all their photo galleries and log all that would seem close to what you need. Do not forget to check a retailer’s shipping and return policies as these are information you need to be aware of in case you decide to purchase anything from that retailer.

Check out where you could look at their offerings, narrowing it down to your preferences in price, style, shape or size, material, color or finish, features, and even collection series.

Their prices range from $287 up to $1700. Their material varies from wood, granite, glass, metal, and mdf. Standard delivery charges are shown on each item, and this is determined by the size and weight of the item.

Another retailer is the, one of the CSN stores online. They feature top of the line brands of single and double vanities. One of which is Virtu USA that offers bathroom furniture in contemporary to traditional styles.

Although their line of bathroom furniture is at high-end prices ranging from $799 to $1999, the quality of workmanship and materials are top line and every penny of your investment will never go to waste as you are buying furniture that will last a long time, under proper care and maintenance of course.

These are just two of top retailer sites that you can look at. There still are many sellers that you can explore. Click this link to Yahoo Shopping for a list of the many other bathroom furniture vanities available through different sellers.

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