Bath Tiles – Latest Trends

When we are building a new home, or doing a remodeling project, we need to undertake proper planning and research on all aspects of the project so that we are able to map out its success.

One room that needs thorough research is the bathroom. Although to some, the bathroom is way down at the bottom of the list of considerations, we should really put it up high even the first to think about, as this is shall be the most used room in the house.

Having said that, we should look at all the areas of concern that we need to work on as far as the bathroom is concerned. Top of the list would be the tiles.

Since the bathroom is built basically in tiles, we need to ensure that the tiles we use for the walls and floors of our bathrooms are highly durable, resistant to moisture, and has anti-slip textures. However, manufacturers this day and age have evolved into creating tiles that can feed your creativity and imagination with their new aesthetically driven designs.

Here are some of the latest trends in bathroom tile designs.

Glass tile

Bath TilesTiles have evolved from the plain and flat, to the glossy and shiny where glass tiles are now the peak provider of such quality. When used just sparingly, glass tiles can add sparkle and luminescence to your bathroom. These can be used on walls, backsplashes and floor accents. It can fit most design themes, and provide fantastic visual highlights to your bathroom.

American Olean Tile Company has four series of glass tiles: The Visionaire™ Series, the Legacy Glass™ Series, Solare™ and the Candalara Glass™ Series. Available at with the prices ranging from $5.52 to $69.68 per square foot.

Metal tile

Bath TilesOne would never thought that metal would find its way into our bathrooms. Stainless steel adds a polished, contemporary look, and warm bronze or copper tile puts on a touch of rustic and traditional finish. The most obvious application for metal tiles is the backsplash, but if you want to create a more holistic approach, use these tiles for the walls.

The Saxon Metals™ Series of the American Olean tile boasts of decorative wall and border tiles. Field tiles are also suitable for residential bathrooms. Available at at a price range of $4.71 to $11.03.

Daltile has a series of metal tiles too, which are mostly for wall applications, such as the Ion Metals™ and Metallica™; as well as Massalia, Urban Metals™, Metal Signatures™ and Metal Ages, all of which is also good for floors. Checkout the gallery of of the Daltile metal tile series. Prices range from $4.26 to $195.95.


Bath Tiles
We all know that wood is not suitable for places with moist like the bathroom. But lo and behold! Someone had thought of making porcelain tiles to look like real hardwood. The tile of course is much easier to care for than real wood as its porcelain and common knowledge dictates that porcelain has natural resistance to moisture that is definitely appropriate for bathrooms.

Hardwood porcelain tile is manufactured by Tesoro, and available through Antico Wood is made of porcelain, regular price of $3.96 per square foot. Another manufacturer, Pinnacle, has Country Classics made of engineered porcelain. Priced at $5.65 per square foot.

Tile-Bordered Windows

Bath Tiles
One application that is quite getting popular these days is picture-framing a window. It is removing the existing wood casing of the window, and replacing this with ceramic or natural stone border tile with some depth for the best results. Use tiles that are used in the rest of the room.

Daltile border tiles also available at at a price range of $12.30 to $24.65.

There you have it. The new trends in bathroom tiling. May you be able to make the choice that you really like. With all these options to choose from, you will not find that to be too much of a challenge.

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