Antique Vanities – Timeless Classic

If you are into decorating your home with timeless pieces of antique furniture, there are antique vanities available in the market that you can add to your collection. It isn’t really surprising why people love antique vanities. These valuable pieces are of high quality and made by highly trained and skilled craftsmen who knew all about beauty, art and quality.

Many have tried to copy antique vanities but failed as each and every handcrafted vanity had its own distinct and unique character, and of course, there was pride of ownership in that. They will leave an imprint in your mind and impress upon you its individuality.

This day and age, people are looking for that kind of individuality and uniqueness that most often are not found in many contemporary pieces of furniture. Yes, there are many new crafted furniture and they can be beautifully done too, but it doesn’t leave you that impression that you would like to own it even after many years.

An antique vanity gives your bathroom a certain classic charm and warmth of the old world. But many believe that you can only get these pieces at high prices. If you look at the options online, the price ranges vary from less than a $1,000 to over $2,500.
Antique Vanities
Many retailers offer a very wide collection of antique bathroom vanities – such as different types, double or single sink vanities; and styles, traditional, contemporary and antique. Depending on the size of the bathroom space, varied sizes are available from under 24 inches up to over 72 inches; and shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, and other odd shapes.

Materials can be varied too, from manufactured wood, solid wood, mahogany, pine, walnut, birch, cedar, solid hardwood, aluminum, and granite. The antique vanity also comes in different finishes, a variety of countertops and faucets that are sold separately. You also can have a choice of sink vessels, like black porcelain, white porcelain, travertine, white ceramic, marble or glass vessel.
Antique Vanities
At Tradewind Imports, one of the lowest priced antique vanity is the 22” Milano Vessel Sink Round Vanity, which measures 38 inches high by 22 inches wide by 18 inches deep. It is a single sink vanity of contemporary style and made of aluminum stand and metal finish, with a porcelain countertop, selling at $595.

On the higher end, there is the 72” Winslow Grand Single Vanity, measuring at 36 inches high by 72 inches wide and 25 inches deep. Also a single sink vanity with the antique style, made of mahogany with a dark wood finish. The countertop is of fossil stone construction. This item is priced at $5810, with option for additions such as the faucet type and mirror hutch. If you choose to add classic aged brass (+ $750) and the mirror hutch (+ $2800), total price goes up to $9360.
Antique Vanities
Most items at Tradewind Imports are entitled to free shipping. Go to their website to look at their whole catalogue for other options.

At Bathgems, the prices are relatively lower than Tradewind Imports. The lowest priced antique vanity is the 35” Floral Black Mirror, on sale at $299. It measures 30 inches high by 35 inches wide and 45 inches deep, made of solid wood with black finish, and a marble countertop. It comes with the mirror, but faucets are sold separately. Has free shipping on all items. Check website for many other choices.

The variety is so wide that you can choose whatever suits your needs best. But do expect to pay the high price.

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